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MonkeyGambles offers subscription services.
Subscriptions are software solutions developed by MonkeyGambles that are only available on the MonkeyGambles Website or App. MonkeyGambles offers services that are offered through a subscription model. The details of the subscription may be found in the Order form provided during the checkout process. The purchasing process will be finalized once the User has made a payment.

Fundamental Usage Principles
These Usage Guidelines aim to assist both Users and the Service in achieving seamless service-related experiences. Users who have purchased a Subscription Plan from MonkeyGambles are bound by the following conditions:

The User is prohibited from engaging in any activities that include probing, scanning, or testing the vulnerability of any system network utilized with MonkeyGambles.
The User must refrain from tampering with, reverse-engineering, or making unauthorized alterations, permutations, or modifications to the proprietary software used by the Service. Additionally, the User must not attempt to gain unauthorized access to the Service’s database.
The User must refrain from intentionally altering the operating software of MonkeyGambles in a way that might potentially harm the integrity, security, or performance of the supplied Services for themselves or other Users.

The User is prohibited from utilizing the acquired information derived from the predictions or analytical outputs generated by the proprietary operational software of MonkeyGambles for any purpose other than personal use. The User is prohibited from publishing or disclosing materials obtained through interfaces that are not publicly supported. The User is also prohibited from setting up automated mechanisms for such disclosure.

The User must refrain from soliciting other Users for commercial purposes through MonkeyGambles’s Service.
The User is prohibited from utilizing the Service’s information database to initiate any unsolicited communication, regardless of whether it is for personal or commercial reasons.
The User must accurately describe themselves and must not engage in any form of misrepresentation.
The User must refrain from infiltrating or violating the privacy of other Users or any third-party by utilizing the information given by the MonkeyGambles Service.
The User must refrain from utilizing the supplied Services for any unlawful purpose as defined by the relevant legislation.
The User is prohibited from engaging in stalking, harassment, bullying, or making threats of violence against any individual using the information obtained through the MonkeyGambles Service. This limitation also applies while connecting with other Users on the Service itself, in the event that communication protocols are established between the Users of MonkeyGambles.
The User must refrain from violating any intellectual property rights or other proprietary rights of third parties, such as copyright, trademark, trade secrets, and other intellectual property rights.
The User is prohibited from engaging in any sort of unsolicited advertising and must refrain from utilizing the MonkeyGambles platform for any commercial self-promotion or promotion of their own business.
The User must refrain from transmitting any data, content, or other information through the Service’s communication protocols that is deceptive, fraudulent, illegal, obscene, defamatory, libelous, threatening, harmful to minors, pornographic, indecent, harassing, hateful, religiously, racially, or ethnically offensive. Additionally, the User must not encourage illegal or tortious behavior or submit any material that is deemed inappropriate at the discretion of Intercom. This includes content that contains viruses, bots, worms, scripting exploits, or similar materials that could potentially cause harm to the Service, other Users, or any third-party.

Guidelines for Fair Use
This Service is exclusively intended for non-commercial use. Consequently, the Basic Usage Guidelines Section is applicable to any actions that violate the limits for commercial usage as well. Any additional utilization of this Service for commercial purposes, which has been explicitly forbidden by this Policy, may be subject to the Service’s discretionary authority. We recommend that our users uphold the privacy of any identities that result from our analytic tools and refrain from initiating contact through third-party services or engaging in unwanted marketing inside the Light HQ Service.

Discretionary rights
The Service is exclusively designed for individual, non-commercial use. Any violation of the intended use of our Service may result in additional investigations by the MonkeyGambles Service and its discretionary powers, as outlined in the Discretionary Rights portion of our Terms of Service.