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Prevalent Provisions
Copyright (c) [2021] MonkeyGambles. Each individual’s rights are reserved.

The majority of the content on this website is original, unless otherwise specified and attributed. The content of the website is collected, modified, and published in adherence to all intellectual property law standards in the United Kingdom and internationally, with due regard for the Authors (Licensors).

Together with the Authors (Licensors), MonkeyGambles owns and exercises control over all copyright and/or other intellectual property rights pertaining to the entirety of the website’s content. All copyright and other intellectual property rights pertaining to the complete content of this website are reserved. This includes, but is not limited to, sections that are accessible or inaccessible to registered users, the general public, individuals with authorized access to specific sections of the website, and others.

Null and void are unilateral declarations that revoke a partial or complete reservation of copyright and/or other forms of intellectual property rights. Any potential transfers of copyright, intellectual property, or licensing pertaining to the design, content, or functionality of this website are exclusively permissible through a legally binding contract between MonkeyGambles and the third party, with the third party’s prior request for express consent to the transfer of these rights being disclosed to the visitors of this website.

Grant for Express Licensing
One is permitted to:

Access those pages of this website that are authorized for his or her use.
Using a web browser on a personal computer or mobile device, download pages from this website for the purpose of “caching” in a web browser, print pages from this website, or stream audio or video files from this website. Make use of the services that this website provides.
Utilize the services provided by this website through the web browser of a personal computer or mobile device.
It is prohibited to:

One may save or download content from this website to a personal computer or mobile device.
Directly modify or edit content on this website.
Apart from instances where Licensors/Authors have explicitly reserved the right to do otherwise, the following is also prohibited:

Content republished from this website
Commercially exploit or redistribute the content of this website
It is prohibited to sell, rent, or sublease the content of this website for profit or other purposes, or to display it in public.
Restrictions In relation to the content of this website, all material presented is original, unless explicitly stated and attributed otherwise. It should be noted that the attributions for content authors and licensors may differ, contingent upon the terms outlined in the initial licensing agreement between MonkeyGambles and the licensors.

The permission to copy, modify, or utilize the original content on this website is contingent upon obtaining MonkeyGambles’s consent. For additional information on the subject of sublicensing, please refer to this section.

Avoid the following without the appropriate authorization (licensing and/or sublicensing):

Content for sale, rental, or subleasing on this website
Republish content that appears on this site.
Content may not be copied, duplicated, altered, or recreated from this website, unless the specific permission has been granted to do so.
Reproduce the material on this website (unless the material is explicitly provided for such a purpose).
It is not permissible to transfer site content that is already covered by an exclusive license to a particular petitioner who is seeking a license or sublicense.

The site administrators do NOT guarantee that each individual, organization, or other third party that has formally requested a license will receive consent (henceforth: License). Licensing requests for the content of this website may be submitted via email or by mail to the address specified on our website. Written or electronic licenses will be issued in response to specific requests. It should be noted that any unilateral transfer of intellectual property rights, including copyright, is deemed null and void.

Should MonkeyGambles obtain the content of this website through a particular license that mandates the author’s consent or attribution, a sublicense may be granted either in written or electronic format, provided that the sublicensing requirements are fulfilled. These requirements shall be mutually agreed upon by all parties concerned, and each party shall grant their assent for additional licensing of licensed content. Please be aware that any transfer of copyright and/or intellectual property rights in a unilateral manner is deemed invalid.

Any violation of intellectual property and content laws, as sanctioned by applicable UK law, does not preclude MonkeyGambles from addressing the matter as it sees appropriate. It should be noted that legal recourse against the group or individual responsible for such a breach is not precluded.

Abusive Issues
Should you have any concerns regarding potential abuse, we kindly request that you promptly disclose the incident. Concerns regarding abuse may be reported through the utilization of electronic mail, a designated form, or direct communication with us through the contact details listed on our website.

From the date of issuance, this copyright policy and all other documents accessible on our website comprise an all-encompassing agreement between you and MonkeyGambles. These documents are legally enforceable. All previous iterations of this copyright policy and other documents are rendered obsolete upon the publication of subsequent editions. You agree to abide by the terms of the most recent version of this copyright policy and the aforementioned documents pertaining to this website by utilizing it.

This content policy has been drafted in accordance with the relevant UK legislation.

The parties mutually consent to resolve any and all disputes or controversies, including those pertaining to employment termination, through means other than initiating legal proceedings in court. Alternative dispute resolution precludes the rights and obligations deriving from this Agreement from being barred by statute. Should these methods of resolving the dispute not be successful, legal action will be carried out. In the event that any provision of this Agreement is deemed unenforceable under governing law, either by an appropriate authority or otherwise, that will not have an impact on the enforceability of the remaining provisions of this Agreement. Under UK law, all facets of the General Service Agreement that have not been regulated by the provisions of this agreement shall be governed by statutory provisions.

Both parties agree and acknowledge that should you violate or threaten to violate our intellectual property rights and proprietary and confidential information, we will be harmed irreparably. As a result, we are entitled to injunctive relief to enforce this agreement. We may pursue interim, equitable, provisional, or injunctive relief from any court with jurisdiction that is necessary to protect our rights and property pending the outcome of the arbitration referenced above, without waiving any other remedies under this Agreement. You hereby grant us absolute and personal jurisdiction over the subject matter and jurisdiction of the federal and state courts in the Borough of Manhattan, State of New York, with respect to any action of this nature.

The parties agree that the law of the United Kingdom shall regulate this agreement in a manner that is both applicable and usable. Following the foregoing, all disputes or litigation arising from the substance or implementation of this contract shall be governed by the laws of the United Kingdom.