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About Us

Our Story

Our blog is dedicated to providing enthusiasts with insightful and engaging content on the intersection of cryptocurrency and the exciting world of online gaming.

From in-depth reviews of the latest crypto casinos to strategic tips for successful betting, we cover it all. Stay updated on the hottest trends, discover new platforms, and explore the dynamic landscape where blockchain technology meets the thrill of gambling.

Our mission at MonkeyGambles

The cryptocurrency world is vast and full with possibilities. To help you take advantage of the greatest ones available, we investigate and evaluate them. Browse through our impartial & sincere suggestions!

How we work?


We spend hours investigating each product’s features, history, reputation, and reviews.


To ensure that you utilize only the best websites, we compare them for you.


To deliver impartial and equitable ratings, we apply advanced algorithms. And give those ratings for you.

Miller Marc

Crypto freak, head of project. Head of IT for more than 6 years, programming since 2014. Passionated about blockchain technology, AI and crypto.

Johana Tompkins

Experienced content creator, +6 years writing on technology, crypto themes. Worked for Verge, Forbes and other big names in digital news world.

Jad Wilshire

Crypto fan, content creator since 2020. Bachelor degree in Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy of Literature and lots of blogs on cryptocurrency.